About us

About Centennial Mortgage!

We’re here to make it easy.

That’s important to you because it means that we have fast, flexible underwriting.

We realize that it’s easy to feel helpless in the mortgage process because most banks shuffle your file from one faceless department to the next. At Centennial you can deal directly with the people who process your loan. Regular people who take the time to explain what is going on and why.

And the whole process is fast. In fact, Centennial loans close in as little as two weeks. For whatever loan. For whatever reason. Centennial’s business is helping you get the loan you need. As efficiently and effortlessly as possible.

For more information or for a free pre-approval, you can apply on-line and a mortgage professional will work with you to find a loan to fit your needs. And there is no obligation – so contact us now!

Three BIG reasons why Centennial Mortgage may be your best choice:

  1. Centennial has great rates. Since we shop the market for you, we can offer the most competitive rates in the industry. So you won’t lie awake at night wondering if you paid too much.
  2. Centennial has a huge variety of loan products. We have loans with low down payments. Debt consolidation loans. Refinances with low or no equity. No-income verification loans. Fixed rates and adjustables (and loans in between). There’s a great chance we have a loan for you.
  3. At Centennial we’re real people doing loans for real people. At most banks, the only person you speak with is your loan officer. Once your loan goes into their loan process it becomes “just another file.” Faceless. Sterile. Your left to wonder what’s going on. At Centennial, you’ll speak with the people processing your loan. They’ll keep you informed about your loans progress, in real people language instead of bank-speak. So you won’t feel like you’re in the dark. Better still, you’ll feel like someone cares about you and your loan.Quick approvals, great rates, tons of loan programs and real people who actually care about you and your loan.

What more could you ask for in a mortgage company?

You’ve got a friend in the mortgage business.

For more information or a free pre-approval, you can apply online and a mortgage professional will work with you to find a loan to fit your needs. And there’s no obligation – so contact us now!


The Home Equity Division has established itself as one of the leading mortgage brokers specializing in Equity loans.

Service, Pricing, Products, and Reputation are just a few reasons we are consistently chosen by our clientele. Our philosophy in lending is defined by our name.

It is our belief that our borrowers, who for one reason or another do not qualify under “conforming” guidelines are still credit-worthy borrowers. It is for this reason that we have designed a product menu which accommodates people with all types of credit and income situations from A to Z.


Centennial Mortgage is dedicated to the highest level of service at the most competitive rates in the industry. We have offices and loan originators who pride themselves in their relationship with you, the customer. Centennial Mortgage places millions of dollars each month in loans for our servicing area, which allows us to offer some of the lowest rates available.


Centennial Mortgage Corp.
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